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The Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2005 - Program

February 2-6, 2005
The Heritage Theatre: 86 Main Street North, Brampton

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

8:00 Opening Ceremony
Curtains, the official puppet MC of The Brampton Indie Arts Festival will get things rolling with an opening ceremony. Puppet wine, puppet cheese, the whole bit...
8:05 Matthew Boughner, winner of last year's Brampton Indie Arts Festival "Best Musical Artist Award" will open the 2005 BIAF program with his latest experimental music group OFNSVORNGe. Having recently opened for Les Georges Leningrad, we are excited to bring OFNSVORNGe to the Heritage Theatre. This group is the only no-rock group from Hamilton.
8:20 Film: Who's Rights Anyways? [2004]
Director: Anice Wong
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 15:00

Protecting one's country has never been so prevalent as it is today. Yet, for what the Canadian government says is in the name of "national security", it has violated the fundamental rights of humans and has gone against its own democratic beliefs.
8:35 Kat Burns!

Thriving in the creative whirlwind of Toronto, Kat Burns! sings lonesome rhetoric about everyday occurrences.
8:50 Film: White Light [2004]
Director: Simon Reynolds
Genre: drama
Duration: 6:30

White Light is a simple tale about our inabilty to see the meaning of our lives until it's far too late. Sean is sick and tired of being a junky; he and his pal Jason decide to go on a cold turkey retreat. But heroin withdrawal turns out to be a torturous experience, and Sean finds himself cornered into a confrontation with the deepest revelation of his life. A tight, harrowing ride through hell and heaven.
9:11 The Most Serene Republic
The Most Serene Republic are an electronic based indie rock band, ala the Postal Service, from Milton, ON. The brain child of Adrian Jewett & Ryan Lenssen, the band has now grown in numbers to include Nick Greaves on guitar, Adam Nimmo on drums, and Andrew McArthur on bass. Their live shows are not to be missed. Their Sunday League Records debut album now in stores, titled “The Underwater Cinematographer” is filled with beautiful songs that evoke the great lush musical interplay of Broken Social Scene and the amazing pop sensibilities of Death Cab for Cutie with inflections of that raw Flaming Lips indie rock feel.
926 Film: Winter Days [2003]
Director: Wendi Marchioni
Genre: dramatic short film
Duration: 9:30

This story follows a young woman named Emily who runs into bad luck one morning when her car does not start. Director Wendy Marchioni's debut narrative short "Winter Days" won the 2003 Kodak Director's Prixe in Montreal. Excerpts of this film were featured in a Kodak showcase at the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival.
9:36 Film: Kill Road [2003]
Director: Christina Zeidler
Genre: dark humour
Duration: 14:00

Enduring a dysfunctional family requires stamina, wit and sharp survival instincts, as demonstrated in this anguished ode to peculiarity. A pixilated tale of a girl whose off-kilter parents become lost in a mission to nurse a raccoon - an unfortunate road-kill victim.

AWARDS: Images Prize for Best Canadian Media Artwork in the Festival, Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto, 2004
9:50 The Junction
The Junction have brought their danceable fortitude to the UK, recorded and released their second EP entitled “And with this comes tomorrow” and sold them under their new distribution deal with MapleMusic. We are so very excited to feature them in their debut performance at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

8:00 Joy Thompson
Singer songwriter Joy Thompson will open the evening performing two of her folk-pop original tunes.
8:05 Timothy Smith, classical guitar recital
Tim Smith explores acoustic guitar music that exists in the ineffable realm between classical, folk, and jazz. He’ll be playing some finger-style and classical tunes that will reshape your definition of what can be done with 6 strings. When he’s not playing guitar, he spends his time teaching, reading, and writing about music.

Ragamuffin [Michael Hedges]
Bensusan [Michael Hedges]
La Melanconia, Op.148, No.7 [Mauro Giuliani]
8:15 "Mechanical Birds" by James Oliver Biljak. String quartet and piano.
8:20 "Once Upon an Accordion". This is the story of the creation of the accordion. The performance takes the audience through the various stages and cultural influences of the accordion's history.

Kimberley Pritchard, accordion.

8:35 Film: Let's Sue Stuff
Director/Animator: Phallic Moose (collective)
Genre: animation
Duration: 8:05

Phallic Moose consists of five members, Bryce Beaner, Gary Clarke, Ryan Gallant, Aaron Miller, and Dain Miller. They started making movies and cartoons for their locally popular website. "Let's Sue Stuff": after an accident at a McDonald's, the group finds themselves daydreaming about what they'll do with their share of the settlement money.

9:00 "The Fabulous Sari".
Sari Colt, aka "The Fabulous Sari" is the ultimate diva who performs a medley of 60's, 70's, and 80's TV show theme songs in her own unique style
9:05 Bob Snider
Singer-songwriter Bob Snider has played on the street and in the concert hall. He's been called a "national treasure", a "living legend" and "author of some of the best Canadian songs of the decade". After a hiatus from performing and recording, Bob Snider returns with a new album "Stealin' Home". Produced by David Baxter, the new CD contains 13 new songs that are quintessentially Bob. Songs that are direct, beautiful, sometimes quirky, sometimes funny but above all, songs that go straight to the heart.
9:30 The Rheostatics
For more than two decades, the Rheostatics have mapped new frontiers across Canada, embracing the nation that bore them and reinterpreting its sea-to-shining-sea grandeur in music of startling variety and indisputable beauty. The band has remained fiercely loyal to a unique vision that is entirely dependent upon the alchemical interaction of its members, the catalyzing friction that renders gold from lesser metals - and that distinguishes the Rheostatics from bands of lesser mettle.

Their music has been described variously as "prog-rock," "art-rock," "orchestral psychedelia" and "a loosely organized cacophony of sound," all of which reveal the frustrating limits of language, especially as employed in the service of music journalism. As the irrepressible court jesters of culture insist, writing about music is like dancing about sculpture.

A truer description may be much simpler.

"The modus operandi of the Rheostatics," says guitarist Martin Tielli, "is that you can be a complete buffoon one minute and then say something profound the next."

The Rheostatics have released eleven albums since 1987 -- only one a major label release, which speaks to their independent spirit, tenacity and mutual, though not unchallenged, commitment. Inspired by such national treasures as the Group of Seven, Stompin' Tom Connors, the divinatory -- not divine -- government of Mackenzie King, rolling prairies, Canada's national game, les couriers du bois and more, the Rheos have plundered the Canadian mythos to become a kind of bedrock myth themselves.


Film: Rock Paper Scissors [2004] *world premiere
Director: Clive Felice
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 20:00

A hilarious tribute to everything we love about fight movies from the 80’s, Rock Paper Scissors tells the story of Rocco Cuts, a man desperate to avenge the death of his brother Nino at the hands of the ruthless Tom Hammer, champion of the professional Rock Paper Scissors world.

10:30 Film: Strangers in Town [1989]
Director: Lois Siegel
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 45:00

Renowned Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel makes her debut at The Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2005 with her documentary film about albinos, "Strangers in Town". This film looks at the social and medical aspects of albinism. It attempts to overcome the prejudices and misconceptions people have toward albinos. Personalities appearing in the film include American blues guitarist Johnny Winter.

Friday, February 4th, 2005

8:00 Quadriplegic Twelve
The Quadriplegic Twelve have been making their bizarre educational alt-rock for 4 years now. Their main goal in their energetic live performances is to enertain their audience. "If the audience isn't having fun, our job's not done"
8:15 Film: Ice Cold Heat: The Case Of The Classic Rock Killer; An Andy Frost Mystery - Part I
Director: Brian Random
Genre: Thriller Series
Duration: 5 minutes, 2004

From the creators of Pop Carts, comes a new three-part series of short films, Ice Cold Heat.
A killer is stalking the city streets, slicing up women and carving various copyrighted classic rock lyrics onto their corpses. Hard-Boiled detectives Vachon and Williams are hot on the trail. This is a three-part serial which will be screened throughout the festival.

8:20 Film: Loafheads [2002]
Filmmaker: Paul Parvulescu
Genre: Animation
Duration: 2:09

Vancouver animator Paul Parvulescu creates a twisted love tale using surreal landscapes and stylistic character designs.
8:25 Film: Persecution in Paradise
Filmmaker: Martha Colburn
Genre: Animation
Duration: 6:00

American Filmmaker Martha Colburn is a featured filmmaker at this year's BIAF. Ms. Colburn's films are strange and often disturbing creations that exhibit a manic energy that sets them apart from most experimental film. As an animator, she has used found footage, text, cel-painting, scratching, squished dead flies, oil painting, transparencies, cut-outs, and puppets.

"Persecution in Paradise" is a flat-puppet animation in which we follow two desperate musicians through snake-pits with she-serpines, females wrestling, bucking broncos and dangerous crabs, to their final downfall on an exotic island.
8:31 Girl + the Machine
Sexy, dark, and emotional. Girl + the Machine create enchanting soundtracks for the downtrodden soul.

The Hank Collective
The Hank Collective is the creation of Cab Williamson, an Englishman who escaped the authorities and fled to Toronto. In 2002, he met The Hank Collective who suggested they should sing on his two-minute pop songs. Hank released its first LP Ackrill/Venning ’91 in 2003 (“rough, hip, catchy and generally addictive” – Drunk Man) followed by 2004’s 15-song How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years (“it is not for us to ask what the hell his deadpan voice is talking about” – Exclaim!), which was kindly released by the ever-so-pleasant Blocks Recording Club of Toronto. Hank aims to keep the pop dream alive in 2005.

The Hank live show is full-throttle pop showtime with that shady Englishman and those three dancin’ dynamos: The Hank Collective. Synchronized moves guaranteed!

9:20 Film: Ice Cold Heat: The Case Of The Classic Rock Killer; An Andy Frost Mystery - Part II
Director: Brian Random
Genre: Thriller Series
Duration: 5 minutes, 2004
9:25 Film: Hey Tiger
Filmmaker: Martha Colburn
Genre: Animation
Duration: 2:30

A live action and pixilated film of Baltimore Drag Queen Medusa in a dance to end all dances. Set to music by The Dramatics.


Film: There's a Pervert in our Pool
Filmmaker: Martha Colburn
Genre: Animation
Duration: 4:00

In this flat-puppet animation, a cast of historical and invented perverts are set into action in a painted pool. Set to the poetry of Fred Collins.


W-O-R-D-A-R-T by Alisdair Macrae
Poetry Reading from
Brooklyn, New York's Alisdair Macrae.

9:45 Film: Ice Cold Heat: The Case Of The Classic Rock Killer; An Andy Frost Mystery - Part III
Director: Brian Random
Genre: Thriller Series
Duration: 5 minutes

The finale episode of Brian Random's classic hard-boiled thrilled. A killer is stalking the city streets, slicing up women and carving various copyrighted classic rock lyrics onto their corpses. Hard-Boiled detectives Vachon and Williams are hot on the trail.
9:50 JOUST
John Oswald (saxophone) and Scott Thomson (trombone) improvise music in a piece they call "Joust".

John Oswald is one of Canada's most distinguished musicians and composers. He was recently awarded the Governor General's Award for Visual and Media Art 2004. Since the start of the 1990s Oswald's plunderphonics recordings have sold over 100,000 copies world wide. He has been on the cover of the British magazine The Wire, and several of his recordings have made the yearly top-ten lists of publications such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Spin.

The Montreal Mirror says "John Oswald is probably Canada's most important composer-musician," and the London (England) Observer has called him "the maddest man on the planet."

"John Oswald is the most famous person who is not very well known."
-Tom Third

-Udo Kasemets, Musicworks Magazine, 2004

And students of the University of Toronto Music School voted him the third most internationally influential Canadian musician, tied with Celine Dion.



10:30 Cuff the Duke
Three Gut Records artists Cuff the Duke make their Brampton Indie Arts Festival debut. Having recently toured with Hayden, another friend of the festival, we are proud to present this four-piece from Oshawa, Ontario. Bringing the suburbs a wee bit closer...Cuff the Duke have played alongside the likes of Kathleen Edwards, the Constantines, Royal City, the Hidden Cameras, Broken Social Scene, the Weakerthans, the Skydiggers, Blue Rodeo, Gord Downie, Nick Cave, and Zwan.

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

6:00 Indie Zine Fair, sponsored by Broken Pencil Magazine. Purchase of a table in advance will get you into the evening's programme as well.
FREE!!! NOTE: The first 100 people to this evening's event who show their ticket stubs at the box office will receive a complimentary CDR of The Lollipop People's "Live at The Cameron House" (sponsored by The Pumpkin Pie Corporation).
8:00 Knock Knock. (Who's There?) Comedy!, Co-Hosts
This evening will be co-hosted by our official puppet MC Curtains and the Knock Knock. (Who's There?) Comedy! troupe. KK.(WT?)C! has been described as "a gun you thought was loaded with blanks but there's actually one live round and then you accidentally kill your best friend." Comprised of 4 members, KK.(WT?)C! is the freshest (TM) and most unique comedic voice to hit Toronto in the last decade. Their shows are an exploration and deconstruction of the very principles of comedy, descending into pre-planned disaster for the performers and a romping good time for surprised audiences.
8:10 Aidan Baker
Exploring the sonic possibilities of the guitar, Aidan transforms and disguises its sounds to create atmospheric walls of sounds combining elements of post-rock, ambient/experimental electronica and contemporary classical music.
8:25 The Singing Saw Shadow Show
musical saw ensemble led by James Anderson, includes shadow puppetry

A call was put out in the early spring days of 2003 to bring together pleasant folks and their friendly saws to start a symphony of saws that sang and cried, played in and out of tune randomly, but generally made people happy to hear the harmonies, melodies and atonalities in unison. “I will teach you to play if you’ll come join a group with me!” someone cried. Realising the symphony was a symphonette really, or rather an orchestrette more than an orchestra, but still an ensemble (not really knowing if there are ensemblettes in the world) these folks quietly agree to disregard that unimportant information and thus the Upper Canadian Saw Rebellion was born.

8:40 Film: "In Sin" [2002]
Director: Christopher McKay
Genre: stop-motion animation
Duration: 6:00

A classic tale of impossible love. An angel and a monster fall in love, but their union is prohibited because they are from different worlds.
8:46 Film: Precious Little Tiny Love [2003]
Director: Allyson Mitchell
Genre: experimental
Duration: 3 minutes, colour

Using small flocked plastic animals in time-lapsed landscapes to reflect the guilt of the socially conscious carnivore, the filmmaker sings an homage to creatures that get crunched.

Film: Toetally Solefull Feeture Pedsintation, A
Filmmaker: Martha Colburn
Genre: Animation
Duration: 6:00

An animated film that delves into the world of the foot. It ranges from historical figures to invented scenarios such as toe-steeple chasing and a fisherman with a foot fetish. Set to the music of The Dramatics.

9:10 Lollipop People
Festival organizer Friendly Rich's latest ensemble is a 10-piece modern music ensemble, The Lollipop People, featuring bassoon, shamisan, trombone, accordion, drums, harp, barrel organ, cello, banjo, violin, and bass guitar. Hear them perform selections from their new album "We Need a New F-Word" (to be released Spring 2005)
9:30 Toronto author Hal Niedzviecki will read selections from his new novel The Program. Premiere reading in Canada.
9:45 The Phonemes
The Phonemes are an alt-pop trio focused on issues of vast historical guilt, language acquisition and various animals. Based around the songwriting of Magali, perhaps best known until now for being the ex-rhythm guitarist/drummer in the incredibly famous The Hidden Cameras, the band also contains James Anderson and Liz of Jonasson. The Phonemes' music is gentle and clever, their singing is great too.
10:00 Deep Water Cooling System
Featured artist, Sook Yin Lee will perform with special guest intrumentalists Dale Morningstar (guitar), Kristen Theriault (harp), and Jeremy Finkelstein (drums)...Don't miss this odd set of experimental music.
10:30 The Jezebels - Ottawa's punXercise Troupe
Some people work out to lose weight. Others do it to "beef up" or "tone and sculpt". The Jezebels? They do it so they have more room for pie. And onion rings. They really love pie and onion rings.
10:35 Film: Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace [2004]
Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Genre: Feature film
Duration: 120 minutes

From Odessa Filmworks, the award winning team that brought the world Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy and rewrote the gospel of Canadian filmmaking with Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter comes a new knuckle-dusting adventure starring everyone's favourite super spy. A valuable necklace has gone missing, and Harry Knuckles, AKA Special Agent Spanish Fly, is on the case. But getting his hirsute hands on the prize isn't going to be easy for the diminutive dynamo. There's more to this case than meets the eye. Armed with a lethal arsenal of kung-fu moves, a hair-trigger temper, a fistful of moxie and a seemingly endless supply of potassium-rich bananas, Harry's ready to knuckle up against any and all comers. Back to back with his loyal friend, famed Mexican wrestler El Santos, Harry goes toe to toe with the hinterland horror of the Bionic Bigfoot and an army of interlopers.

For the fans who have been clamoring for another Harry Knuckles adventure, Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace is a punch-drunk dream come true: bigger, longer, and hairier than ever before. For newcomers to Harry's world, it'll be an eye-opening, tooth-loosening experience they won't soon forget. So put up your dukes and get ready for an archeological adventure like no other. What's the matter - you got four feet?

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

7:00 Scott Thompson, special guest co-host
Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson will co-host this evening alongside Curtains, the official MC of the Brampton Indie Arts Festival. Thompson made his debut to the festival in 2004, and enjoyed himself so much, he's come back for more!!! Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch Scott Thompson, as he improvises, performs sketches and we honour him into the new Brampton Walk of Fame.

John Zorn's COBRA, as performed by Joe Sorbara's Pickle Juice Orchestra

7:30 Film: The 902 [2004]
Director: Warren Jeffries
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 45:00

Hiphop to most is booty-shaking, Lexus-driving, gun-toting, colours-waving, bass-heavy music. Turn that racket down! Not all hiphop is the same. In Nova Scotia, hiphop is made to the old school rules, where a group of DJs and MCs have become a kind of biological control experiment: preserving the Golden Age of hiphop while infusing their music with innovative local traditions. The results are powerful lyrics and an unstoppable beat that is beginning to be heard around the world. This film features 3 Nova Scotia DJs, Buck65, DJ Jorun, and the Skratch Bastid.
8:15 Jim Guthrie
It is an honour to welcome Three Gut Recordings artist, Jim Guthrie to the festival. "If all is right in the universe, it should alert the world to the depths of his talents and dare to be said, his genius...an inspiration for a whole generation of post-rockers and lo-fi punks. 'A Thousand Songs'... featuring hi-fi, 4 and 8-track recordings and Guthrie's instrumental inventiveness [demonstrates] his dexterity on guitars, drums and odd-ball keyboards. Guthrie, unlike many a home-rock wiz, is also not afraid to rock out and find his groove." EXCLAIM
8:45 NON-INTERMISSION - Featuring an experimantal musical performance by renowned Nihilist Spasm Band kazoo player John Boyle (and guests) in the Heritage Theatre lobby.
9:00 Bob Wiseman

Born in what the Chinese call the year-of-the-used-van, Bob Wiseman has been around for many years and managed to keep his reputation for being a no-good-loud-mouth-schnook - no wait that's his cousin. Bob actually has done something good in the world, for instance he has made at least 7 records, produced Ron Sexsmith, been in Blue Rodeo, composed soundtracks for TV and film, saved kittens, and won the Juno award in the category of best vegan nylon string troubadour that also writes freely improvised piano music.

10:00 Ron Sexsmith, solo performance
To close this year's festival, we are proud to present Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith to the Brampton Indie Arts Festival stage.

The earnest work of boyish Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith won acclaim not from only critics but from fellow performers like Paul McCartney,
Elvis Costello, and John Hiatt -- some of the same artists, ironically enough, who initially inspired Sexsmith himself to become a musician. Born in 1964 and raised in the Niagara Falls area, he started his first band at the age of 14, and within a few years earned his first regular gig at an area club. Influenced by Pete Seeger, he began making the rounds on the folk circuit, but soon decided to focus his attentions on becoming a songwriter.

After moving to the Toronto area, Sexsmith formed the Uncool and began issuing his own material in 1985 with the cassette Out of the Duff, followed a year later by There's a Way. He continued performing while maintaining a day job as a courier but did not release anything more until 1991's Grand Opera Lane, recorded by Blue Rodeo's Bob Wiseman. The collection of songs helped earn Sexsmith a songwriting contract, and eventually a recording deal with Interscope Records; teamed with producer Mitchell Froom, he released his self-titled debut in 1995. A follow-up, Other Songs, appeared two years later. In 1999, Sexsmith returned with Whereabouts, again produced by Froom. Three years later, Sexsmith inked a deal with Nettwerk and released Cobblestone Runway in October 2002. His seventh album, Retriever, followed two years later.

Visual and Multimedia Artists

The Brampton Indie Arts Festival is proud to welcome these visual artists to the 2005 Gallery of The Heritage Theatre:

Ben Pinkney
The winner of last year's BIAF Artist of the Year Award, we are happy to have Toronto artist Ben Pinkney return to our non-gallery.

John Boyle, RCA
John B. Boyle was born in London, Ontario, Canada, where he attended London Teachers' College and the University of Western Ontario. He is self taught as a painter. Boyle is a founding member of the Nihilist Spasm Band (1965 to the present), in which he currently plays electric kazoo, thumb piano, ring modulator, and drums. He taught elementary school in St. Catharines, Ontario from 1962 till 1968, and has been a full time professional visual artist (painter) since then. His works have been shown widely in Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, England, and Japan. His works are represented in many public and private collections across Canada, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada, the University of Toronto, the Confederation Centre, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Boyle is represented by the Loch Gallery, 16 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto and the Fukugan Gallery, Osaka, Japan. In 1995, Boyle published his first novel, No Angel Came with the Tellem Press, Ottawa.

Graham Thompson
Graham Thompson is a member of the Metis Nation if British Columbia, Mr. Thompson graduated from the York University in 1983 and the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1986. Graham has won awards from the Serbian International Film Festival, MEFEST, The International Digital Art Awards of Melbourne, The International Association of Webmasters and Designers of Florida, Cool Site of the Day of New York, the Digital Giraffe of California, and Art Space of Manitoba.

Ashley Andrews
Ms. Andews is currently a student of the University of Toronto's Art History Program. Mainly working in printed media and painting, Ashley's work has been featured at Sheridan Gallery (2003), Princess Margaret Hospital (2004), and Hart House Gallery (2004).

Eleni Alpous
A staunch Bramptonian, Ms. Alpous is an advocate of passionate and interdisciplinary efforts in all art/media and design practices. Ms. Alpous' bus shelter photographic series has provoked her to reconstruct a bus shelter (as close to life size as possible) out of folded paper.

Fran Freeman
In "Prometheus Unbound" Fran Freeman constructs sculptures using plant fibre paper she hand makes from garden refuse. This project addresses our naive rush to embrace new technologies whose implications we do not fully understand and our unsound ambition to dominate all aspects of nature. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the story of a scientist experimenting with new technologies-- and in way over his head-- is subtitled "Prometheus Unbound". In Greek mythology, Prometheus was bound to a rock and his liver devoured by a bird of prey for stealing the gods' fire and giving this new technology to humans. And as everyone knows, when you play with fire, you can get burned.

Annie Lam
"Dolly Travels Around the Universe" (2004) is a series of fantastic storybook type paintings portraying a limited scope of imagination we were given by our ancestors.

Theo Markou
A self-learned creator of photonic curiosities, sometimes filmmaker, sometimes photographer, fulltime media theorist, Theo Markou presents works from his ongoing rock photography collection and a grouping from his sterographic "everything is coller is 3D" collection. These photos will be presented on a recycled refrigerator door.

Julian Calleros Palacios
Julian Calleros was born in 1980 in Guadalajara, Mexico. He Immigrated to Canada in 2001. As a queer artist, he explores issues of sexuality in his art. Julian is particularly interested in the dialogue created in Toronto thanks to its multiculturalism, on the topic of gender roles, and human behavior as experienced by its various cultures. Catholicism as part of everyday life in Mexican culture has affected his work in the same way homesickness and culture shock have. However, acknowledging permanence in Canada is bringing a different perception of his environment.

Laura Vegys
Laura is a Brampton expatriate, and is currently enslaved to the commercial arts. However, she finds her creative outlet in her water colour paintings and sock knitting. Laura hopes that one day her husband will buy her a puppy, and she strongly advises against a career in animation.

Sherry Tompalski
A figurative oil painter whose style is best described as psychological realism. Sherry's Private Moments are stunning.

Liz Oke
Liz Oke is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Toronto. The concept behind her work is simplicity and random firings of multiple neurons.

Allison Lewis
Allison Lewis is an abstract painter. Texture, by way of reduction, is accomplished by scraping into the work, by wiping off paint and gouging out the surface with drills, knives, and carving tools. Mediums, fillers, glazes, paper, wax, and found objects are Ms. Lewis' sources of additive texture. Her biggest influences are the New York modernists from the 1950's and 60's and fabric art from the 70's.

Sonia Birk
This series of Polaroid photographs from Brampton resident Sonia Birk will mark her second year in the Brampton Indie Arts Festiv

Mr. Pencils
Using the four base elements: 1) Digital Photography 2) Paranoia 3) A bicycle, 4) Paper reinforcements, Mr. Pencils tours Brampton and the surrounding area befriending the objects around him.

Leslie A. Parkes,
Following a distinguished career in advertising, this Canadian artist plunged into fine art with typical energy, working in the mediumhe has loved best: watercolour. Mr. Parke's work earned him international attention, certifying his status as an illustrator in a new field. Today, he continues to receive special commissions from many discriminating patrons eveywhere.

Dmitry Markou
Pop art paintings by reclusive sculptor, Dmitry Markou.

Savita Patil
Fascinated by the aesthetic appeal that can be found in almost every art form, Brampton-based photographer Savita Patil crosses all boundaries, whether it is capturing the sensual lines of a flower or the innocence in a child's eyes.