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The Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2004 Program

February 5-8, 2004
The Heritage Theatre: 86 Main Street North, Brampton

2004 Festival Adjudicators: Mr. Bill Poulin, Mrs. Kristen Theriault, and Mr. Keith Moreau.

The winning artists are:

Matthew Boughner
(Best Musical Artist)
Ben Pinkney (Best Visual Artist)
William Preston Robertson & Sean Anderson (Best Film)
Escalate (Audience Choice Award)

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

7:00PM Gala Wine and Pumpkin Pie Party exclusive to the the media and artists involved in the festival. The Mayor of Brampton, her worship Susan Fennel will say a few words supporting independent culture in Brampton, and will join in the unveiling of mounted posters from the past 3 Brampton Indie Arts Festivals. Sponsored by Ken Spiers Orchards and Andres Wines.
8:00 Curtains returns for the third straight year as the Official Puppet MC of the Brampton Indie Arts Festival.
Film: Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady - Episode 1Director: Lee Gordon DemarbreDuration: 1 minuteGenre: Comedy Series

From the director of "Harry Knuckles & the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy" and "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter "comes a hard-boiled tale of kidnapping, violence, drunkenness and laughter. Ottawa director Lee Demarbre joins the Brampton Indie Arts Festival for the fourth straight year, with his serial "Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady". All six episodes will be screened throughout the festival.

Film: Pommes Pourri
Director: David Aronson
Genre: Short experimental b/w
Duration: 4:30
A story of forgiveness, fantasy and a bizarre train ride. Directed by David Aronson who studied film at Ryerson and has been making films for three years.
Film: Captain Do-Gooder
Director: Jonathan Culp
Genre: ComedyDuration: 6 minutes

From the catalogue of Satan Macnuggit's videos, "Captain Do-Gooder" is a short film about a no-so super hero who tries to help people who don’t really appreciate his efforts. Jonathan Culp has driven from the Yukon to Newfoundland showing short videos from the Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts catalogue.

8:20 Acclarion

An accordion and clarinet duo dedicated to introducing audiences to a broad array of musical genres. Acclarion will debut a performance by composer Scott Wilson, commissioned by the Laidlaw Foundation for the Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2004. David Carovillano, accordion. Becky Sajo, clarinet

Film: Sylvie Hill: Tales of Sexless One Night Stands
Director: Nichole McGill
Genre? Documentary, Spoken word
Duration: 10 minutes

This documentary short catches the explosive, hilarious, polemic and sexy work of spoken word artist Sylvie Hill. Nichole McGill is an author and a screenwriter. Viewer discretion is advised, course language and mature content.

9:00 Bob Wiseman

Born in what the Chinese call the year-of-the-used-van Bob Wiseman has been around for many years and managed to keep his reputation for being a no-good-loud-mouth-schnook - no wait that's his cousin. Bob actually has done something good in the world, for instance he has made at least 7 records, produced Ron Sexsmith, been in Blue Rodeo, composed soundtracks for TV and film, saved kittens, and won the Juno award in the category of best vegan nylon string troubadour that also writes freely improvised piano music.

9:45 Girl + the Machine

Girl + the Machine create moody and emotional sonic journeys

Film: The Shaved Theory: Surviving the Shaved Asians
Director: Theo Markou
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 30 minutes, colour

A captivating expose on the career of one of Canada's most implausible rock groups, the Shaved Asians. Director, Theo Markou is a television arts graduate and award-winning producer who strives to tell the stories that no one wants to hear
10:45 Child at Zoo

Child At Zoo was formed in 2001 by Brian Random after years of musical failures with other people. So far he has released the albums "Live In Japan", "Hard Drive Cleanup Annual" and the upcoming "Music From Songs" on his own Recordable Records label.

He is also curator of Brian Random's "Answering Machine Cassette Favourites Vol. 1", a compilation of messages left on telephone answering machines which he stole from thrift shops.

Most recently, Brian has re-located to Toronto, in search of eventually realizing his unused potential like fellow legendary Bramptonian talents Lee Aaron and Tony Watt.

11:10 Greg Forbes

Funny stand-up comedy. Well, not that funny, but you know.

Film: Cubist Minimalist Outbursts
Director: Ryan Hughes
Genre: Experimental, colour Duration: 4 minutes

Cubist Minimalist Outburst is a video art piece that focuses on colour, speed, sound and pace. Ryan Hughes has won an award for Best Experimental Video at Jump Cuts and he currently studies film at Ryerson University. [top]

Friday, February 6th, 2004

7:00 Evening Opening Ceremonies
Film: Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady - Episode 2Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre Genre: Comedy SeriesDuration: 1 minute
Title: The Calling
Director: Sonny MalhotraGenre: dramaDuration: 5 minutes, colour

This film deals with themes of suicide, grass, and telephones.

7:15 Hal Niedzviecki, author

Last year's winner of the Best Multimedia Award makes his triumphant return to the Brampton Indie Arts Festival! Acclaimed writer Hal Niedzviecki will read an excerpt from his novel in progress -- the Program -- a sprawling story of an extended family struggling to deal with the consequences of history -- personal and otherwise. Hijinx ensue in the form of cyborgs, social workers, disaffected marketing executives and lost laundry!

Film: Escalate
Director: Daniel Novisedlak
Genre: Multimedia Duration: 4 minutes.

Director of the best film at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2003 for Relations 1.0, Mr. Novisedlak has teamed up with Brampton band Escalate for a multimedia presentation of sound and picture.

7:30 Escalate

Escalate fuses all possible influences, segregating no musical genre or taste. Their live sound sees them adopt a groove, and via the concept of jazz improvisation, create a new grooving entity. Originally from Brampton, Escalate has teamed up with film maker Daniel Novisedlak for a special presentation of their music and Novisedlak's signature film style. Featuring Shandy Kern, Jordan Kern, Tyler Drygas, and Grant Drygas.

Film: Pop Carts
Director: Brian Random Genre: Documentary
Duration: 5 Minutes

A revealing look into the underground world of competitive destruction of shopping carts and soda pop cans. Taking place in empty strip mall parking lots, affluent youths take part in marauding the values of the suburbs and sending them on a crash course with boredom and mayhem.

Title: The Announcement
Director: Sonny Malhotra Genre: dark comedy
Duration: 5 minutes, colour

Written and directed by Sonny Malhotra, "The Announcement" is a hilarious short film about love, friendship, and marriage.

8:10 JP

An evocative and eclectic style, John Paul Greco has been featured on CBC Radio’s New Music Canada. His evocative style covers a range of influences from baroque to pop and rock.

8:35 Kevin Brow Quartet

Kevin Brow is a diverse and musical force in Toronto's jazz music scene. At 23 years old, Kevin has been boasted as "one of the country's most creative and musical drummers" by Canadian jazz saxophonist Mike Murley. The quartet will perform original music by Mr. Brow and the group's pianist Adrean Farrugia.

9:00 Hayden

In 1992, Hayden first begins writing and recording his own material at home on a 4-track. He creates his own label, Hardwood, and spends the next three years releasing 7" singles, EPs and his first album. Major label interest follows and Hayden moves out of basement recordings and into the studio.

In 1996, Hayden is declared "vital" by the taste-makers at SPIN magazine and Everything I Long For is proclaimed by Jerry Seinfeld to be his favourite album of the year. Cult status is cemented with Hayden's contribution of the title track to Steve Buscemi's film, Trees Lounge.

The Quadriplegic twelve

Enjoying their second consecutive visit to the Brampton Indie Arts Festival, the Q12 have recently recruited a drummer to keep the beat to their humourous music.

10:25 Jeff Straker

On the heels of his successful single Middle of Somewhere, which gained radio airplay in Western Canada, Jeff Straker's new full length album "Petrified" is gaining National radio airplay and strong reviews.

11:00 Film: Rock That Uke
Director: William Preston Robertson and Sean Anderson
Genre? Documentary/comedy
Duration: 62 minutes, colour

Rock that Uke is an exploration of the alternative, post-punk ukulele scene on the US mainland that asks, "Is there a ukulele personality?" William Preston Robertson is a filmmaker and writer living in Sacramento, California. Sean Anderson is a filmmaker living in Lexington, Kentucky.

Saturday, February 7th, 2004

5:00 ZINE Fair/Comic Jam --- Join us in the making of a collaborative comic book. Artists of all ages, and skill levels are welcome. This portion of the Brampton Indie Arts Festival is FREE, and will be held in the foyer of the Heritage Theatre. Sponsored by Broken Pencil Magazine.
7:00 This special evening will be guest hosted by comedian Scott Thompson, from the renowned television series "The Kids in the Hall". Throughout the evening, Mr. Thompson will share his fondest memories of growing up in Brampton.
Film: Bee Careful
Director/Animator: Lord GodfreyGenre: Animated comedy short, b&wDuration: 2 minutes

"BeeCareful" is an animated short written and directed by Lord Godfrey an animator from Vancouver, British Columbia. It was intended as a children's' story for the web but seems to be popping up in animation festivals around the world. It was designed in a simple style as all good children's books are and presented in glorious black and white as all things should be.

The story is told by Tony Billoni, a fine dude who lives in Buffalo, New York. He can been seen on television on Saturday nights playing Bird, a beatnik on "Off Beat Cinema", a program that runs wonderful old black and white horror films. It is agreed that his voice is what makes the piece. Other voices are provided by Adam Marsella and Lord Godfrey himself. The upright bass is actually played by Lord Godfrey's brother Les Godfrey under the pseudonym, Les Budwig (after bass great Monte Budwig).

Film: Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady - Episodes 3 and 4Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre (Ottawa)Genre: Comedy SeriesDuration: 3 minutes
Title: "OH NO IT'S LERM"Director: DT Fischer
Genre: animationDuration: 2 minute animated short

Award-winning animator/director (Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2000 - "Best Animated Short") DT Fischer returns with the animated short "Oh No its Lerm", featuring the popular character Lerm, the sexually frustrated genius who will do anything to get laid - except Mormons. Contains mature content.

Film: Spencer's Search for Bananas
Director: Darren Fernando
Genre: ComedyDuration: 8 minutes

A young man goes crazy when bananas stop growing all over the world. Darren Fernando's films have been shown internationally at film festivals and he won the audience choice award at last year's Brampton Indie Arts Festival.
Film: Carrots
Director: Andrea Cuda
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 8 minutes

This film tells the story of a young man's love of carrots. Andrea Cuda was an honour roll student until he was hit on the head by a falling mushroom at age 18; since then he's dropped out of school and spends all of his time making depraved works of art.

8:00 Anwar Khurshid, sitar

Anwar Khurshid learns Sitar from one of the foremost musicians in India, Ustad Shahid Parvez. He is dedicated to teaching the true and traditional form of Sitar in the Greater Toronto area. To this end he runs the Sitar School of Toronto. Having settled in Toronto for the past ten years, Anwar has been featured in numerous music festivals. He has accompanied several dancers in the Toronto area such as Rina Singha, Deepti Gupta and Bageshree Vaze. Anwar is hosting his current teacher Ustad Shahid Parvez for a series of workshops and performances in April and May 2004. You can get the information about these from his website www.sitarschool.com

8:30 Maso Trio

Formed around the singing/songwriting talents of guitarist Perry Joseph, pianist Gordon Shawcross and the superlative musicianship of upright bassist Bob Hewus is Maso. An expandable musical unit incorporating a blend of north american popular musics with an emphasis on strong lyrics, melody and unmistakable harmony

Film: Master of the Fleas
Director: Skot Deeming
Genre: documentaryDuration: 15minutes

Skot Deeming is a filmmaker/video artist who has been working with the medium for a number of years. He is the managing editor of the no frequency media collective, dedicated to the promotion and distribution of indie visual culture. Master of the Fleas is a short documentary on Prof. A. Gertsacov, who travels around the world with an old vaudevillian-style flea circus.

9:00 INTERMISSION [5 minutes]
9:10 Friendly Rich

Friendly Rich will debut a set of solo compositions and arrangements for his newly constructed barrel organ. The former composer of music for MTV's "The Tom Green Show", Mr. Rich now divides his time writing traumatizing children's books, and making ugly music with his beautiful ensemble, The Canadian All-Stars. His new album "Brown Howler Monkey" will be released in the Summer of 2004. This set of songs is dedicated to the hardest working man in real estate, Sandy Kennedy.

9:25 The Vulcan Dub Squad

The Vulcans are a 4 piece costumed cliave that present a high-intensity show displaying their unique sound of 60's garage psych instrumental fairytale, and 90's rock.

Title: The Gift
Director: David Lam
Duration: 5 minutes
Genre: experimental art film

The Gift is a video about the act of giving a piece of yourself to someone so that person will remember you. Director, David Lam goes to OCAD and most of his art deals with time, memory and the way they relate to one another.

9:45 Title: Memory Game
Director: Sarah Fowler
Duration: 5:50
Genre: experimental art film

From London, Ontario, Sarah Fowler's "Memory Game" was her first experimental film after graduating from the IFCO film program in Ottawa, Ontario.


Paddington is a 5-piece Brampton-based band that creates melodic lo-fi pop.

Title : Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter [2002]
Director: Lee Demarbre
Genre: ComedyDuration: 85 minutes

This year's featured filmmaker at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival, Lee Demarbre's film Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter made its Ontario debut at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival 2002. By popular demand, we proudly re-screen this cult classic. Festival organiser Friendly Rich will present Mr. Demarbre with a key to the lovely City of Brampton.

The second coming is upon us and Jesus has returned to earth. But before he can get down to the serious business of judging the living and the dead, He has to contend with an army of vampires that can walk in the daylight. This film teams the Savior with the Mexican wrestling hero El Santo against mythological horrors and science gone mad. Winner of 4 international film festival awards: Slamdance Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, and Zombiedance. [top]

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

2:00 Opening introductory remarks from Curtains, the Official Puppet MC of the Brampton Indie Arts Festival.
2:05 Film: Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady - Episode 5
Director: Lee Gordon DemarbreGenre: Comedy SeriesDuration: 2 minutes
Film: "Please Stop Strangling Me"
Director/Animator: Phallic Moose (collective)
Genre: animation
Duration: 10 minutes

Phallic Moose consists of five members, Bryce Beaner, Gary Clarke, Ryan Gallant, Aaron Miller, and Dain Miller. They started making movies and cartoons for their locally popular website. Phallic Moose's first full length cartoon emtitled "Please Stop Strangling Me" follows the adventures of Bryce Beamer and Dain Miller.

2:20 The Shaved Asians

How to Make it in the Rock n' Roll Industry. A 15-minute professional seminar moderated by Toronto writer Lindsay Gibb. The Shaved Asians are Brampton's seminal independent rock band. In 2 years they produced 14 albums, and have enjoyed multiple chart successes on CKLN, CIUT, and on CBC's Brave New Waves.

Film: Rising Star!
Director: David Eng
Genre: mockumentary
Duration: 5 minutes, colour

Rising Star! is a humorous look at a dubious Hollywood actor and his claims to fame. This is David Eng's directorial debut that he also wrote, produced, starred in and scored.

Film: War Games in the Park
Director: Randy Kay
Genre? Activist filmsDuration: 2 minutes

War Games in the Park is a night vision account of just what the title suggests. Randy Kay is a Hamilton-based writer, activist and videographer.

3:00 Five Blank Pages

Noyan Hilmi, Chelen Hilmi, and Pinar Ozyetis merge introspective, sanguine and honest lyrics with infectiously melodic music that combines garage distortion, hook-laden guitar pop, and folk sensibility.

3:30 Matthew Boughner

Improvised treated guitars and electronics that can range from quiet thoughtful excursions to intense eruptions of noise.

3:45 Saeed Mohammadi Zadeh. Our featured foreign Independent film maker is Saeed Mohammedi Zadeh from Iran, whose work ground-breaking films bring an international community of artists closer together. Duration: 20 minutes.
4:15 Nihilist Spasm Band

The NSB was formed in 1965 by a group of people who enjoyed music and wanted to play in a band. There was no desire to learn to play traditional instruments so kazoos were bought and assorted noise makers modified or built from scratch. Since 1966, the band currently plays most every Monday night at Forest City Gallery in London Ontario Canada. The atmosphere is informal. We play for our own enjoyment but an audience is welcome.

The personal has stayed the same. John Boyle (artist) kazoo and drums, John Clement (MD) guitar and drums, Bill Exley (geezer/latinist) vocals, Murray Favro (artist) guitar, Hugh McIntyre (curmudgeon/polymath) bass and Art Pratten (pensioner/gentleman of leisure) Pratt-a-various and Waterpipe. Greg Curnoe (deceased) and Archie Leitch (permanently retired) play less often

4:50 Film: Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady - Episode 6
Director: Lee Gordon DemarbreGenre: Comedy SeriesDuration: 2 minutes
5:10 Closing night party, sponsored by The Pumpkin Pie Corporation.
6:00 The Official Brampton Indie Arts Awards ceremony, hosted by Curtains the Official Puppet MC of the Brampton Indie Arts Festival and festival director Friendly Rich. With special guest appearances from Ricky Johnson (pro-wrestler "The Rock's" uncle, and other special surprise guests. [top]

Visual and Multimedia Artists

The Brampton Indie Arts Festival is proud to welcome these visual artists to the 2004 Gallery of The Heritage Theatre:

Graham Thompson
This metis new media artist uses the internet to present a multimedia talk and discussion on aboriginal art.

Sonia Birk
A recent graduate of Mayfield High School's ragional arts program, Ms. Birk has submitted a painting from a series called "Three Seconds". It deals with the feelings of redundancy and triviality.

Mary Rocque
Personal portraits and landscapes from this Brampton-based photographer.

Graham Pavey
Graham was introduced to SLR about 10 years ago. Since then he has had numerous dates with his true love. They just celebrated their first anniversary and gave birth to first born www.lookingthroughalens.com last year.

Claudine Perrott
Winnepeg-based painter Claudine Perrot's "Stutter of Alliteration" was recreated from an image of a Polish woman and child during the Nazi destruction of Warsaw in 1943.

Hannah Jickling
'Brad's Body Orbits' features authentic parts of actor Brad Pitt's body. The 'orbits' available are Brad Pitt's nose nuggets, pube, toe-nail clipppings, dust/skin particles and an unkown dry, fleshy flake. These items are very rare, genuine and FRESH!

Ryan Hughes
Currently studying film at Ryerson University, Ryan Hughes has a great interest in multimedia art and its possibilities. Ryan is the recipient of the Ryerson National President's Scholarship , Canadian Millienium Scholarship, and WL Gordon James Scholarship. He has also won Best Experimental Film at the Jump Cuts Festival, and awards for audio and illustration from the Marshall McLuhan Multimedia Festival. Featuring the paintings: "Medicine", "Nearsighted Manners", and "Murder". Featuring the prints: "King/Flower", "Man on Bike", "Red teeth and Tie", and "Stars around Us"

Beatrice EkwaEkoko
Beatrice EkwaEkoko is a Hamilton-based visual artist, writer and co-pruducer of Radio-free school, a weekly radio program by, for, and about home learners. Her audio documentary on Barbie is an insightful analysis into the minds of Barbie lovers and haters.

Simon Mohos
Daring photography from Caledon, Ontario.

Jason Reeves
Born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Student of art. Goal to impeach the corporate art world and challenge society's ideals of normalcy

Matthew Daley
Mr. Daley is a Brampton-raised artist now based out of Toronto. He works both in painted and digital mediums. His work has appeared in various magazines and on the covers of many independent albums across North America. He used to have a really nice beard.

Debbie O-Rourke
"Wildlife Count: Brampton's Credit River" is a large vellum drawing that commemorates the wildlife that still survives between encroaching golf courses, shopping centres, highways and subdivisions.

Tracy Terry
This painting entitled "Flowerpot Island", is of the location near Tobermory, Ontario depicting the amazing colours of the waters in that region. Tracy Terry is the vice president of Beaux-Arts Brampton.

The Art of the Shaved Asians
The Shaved Asians are Brampton's seminal rock band. Each member, in addition to being musicians, has been creating visual art for years.

Melissa Marr
Ms. Marr's photographs of small children are then turned into wire/papier mache figures which she draws on with an ink pen and watercolour.

Katherine McKellar
"Seeing Me" 2"X4" size board painting, acrylic. Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Katherine McKellar examines the world through self exploration with colour, shape, and figure.

Adam Earle and Dave Anastasio
The Spanish Ninja is a comic book created by Dave Anastasio and Adam Earle in 1998. Based on a high school friend, The Spanish Ninja is the superhero of Brampton who thwarts the evil stupidity of his enemies with his heroic stupidity.

Lois Siegel
The photographs of Ms. Siegel will be featured on slides. Recently named one of Capital City's Top 50 People who are shaping the future of the National Capital, by Ottawa Life Magazine, 2002. Ms. Siegel's work will feature photographs of John Cage, Christopher Plummer, Donald Sutherland and more.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown is a painter whose influences come from time spent living and working in Latin America. He has painted murals in Buenos Aires, Quito, and Mexico City. During the week, Michael coordinates a mural project at Harbourfront Centre.

Christine Douville
Christine Douville is a Montreal writer and editor. Three years ago she founded a small publishing house, La Petite Fee which prints on recycled paper only. All of La Petite Fee’s publications are hand stitched.

Darren Fernando
Darren makes films, paints, and writes. His films have been showcased in international film festivals. He loves to eat Kit-Kat chocolate bars. The 20 pictures he has included in this year's festival are from Darren Fernando's upcoming book: "Sleep Deprivation, Vol. 1".

Laura Vegys

Ben Pinkney

The Brampton Comic Jam
(a collective of collaborative underground comic book artists)