Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People

Re-Need A New F-Word

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We are in the midst of an 8-year weekly residency, every Tuesday night at The Cameron House in Toronto, and wanted to revisit an old not-so-classic release in our 2006 "We Need a New F-Word". Here it is for you now, redone with a scaled-down lineup of Lollipop People. Instead of paying a bullshit manufacturing company to put my music on a CD, I decided to pay my good friends in Falcons & Oysters that sum of money to help produce this website, and bring the music to life like only they are capable. Enjoy this website, it will outlive all of's to the death of the compact disc and customer service as we know it!

To quote a wise man:

"One can either produce or become produce"
—C. Smalloochi

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Special thanks go to everyone who supported our IndieGoGo campaign for the album:

Romina Di Gasbarro | Alexandra Topp | Nathan Mills | Daniel Puzzuoli | James Bailey | Adam Marsella | The Thomson Family | Nathan Hammill | Mitch Orsati | Ellen Hurley | Rob Lines | Stephanie Rosinski | James Webster | Gary Topp | Ursula Courtney | Ryan Scott | Mischa Armin | Patrick Nickelson | Susan Kay | Michael Harding | Rebecca Hennessy | Salem Alaton | Luciana Turchetta | The Gibleys | Lord Godfrey | Geddy KoLeezetti | Darryl Neudorf | Ben Ruffett | Michael Bulko | Timothy Smith | Fanny Martin | Veronika Belianina | Jose Neglia

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Where The Baker Sleeps We Need A New F-Word Fort Jesus Mature Fruit The Ballad of George Chuvalo Miscarriage Waltz The Ayatolla All of the Lawrence Welk Dancers are Dead Science Diet Sure that I'm Sure

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FALCONS AND OYSTERS is an art-collective based out of Orangeville, Ontario. It is made up of Cory Bruyea, Lyndsay Wright and Cory McCallum and the various cake-eaters that they con into working with them. They specialize in mind destruction. The also make videos, music, movies, paintings, photos and the most-delicious pierogies this side of Prague.